What We Need

The Yamaha FG700S Dreadnaught acoustic guitar is a plenty fine, quality instrument to learn to play on in the $129-199 range. As warehouses have emptied it is slowly being replaced by the FG800 at the fullness of $199.99 retail. It doesn't lack it's improvements however - featuring a new scalloped X-bracing which makes the guitar produce a nice full tone. This guitar is frequently sold at this price without a hard shell protective case which adds an extra $79.99 to a budding musician's "getting started" costs as protecting a valuable instrument from damage when being transported or stored, is essential. Our initial "Goal" is to procure a total of FIVE "Kits" consisting of a Yamaha FS800 Guitar, Hard shell case, two sets of strings, a tuner, and some pics.

FS800 - $199.99
Case - $79.99
Tuner - $35
Strings - $20
Pics - $5

The Grand Total Cost to get a New Student geared up and ready to learn is $339.98, so our initial goal to provide equipment for FIVE students Totals $1699.90.

There are, of course, other incidentals such as printing, notebooks, lesson plans and other items that will be consumed over time. We welcome donations of any giving level and thank you for your generosity!

We brought the site online, live, on December 6th, 2018, not long after corresponding with some important folks that made us believe this can be accomplished. At present, we are NOT YET a 501(c) charity in the eyes of the IRS, and will not begin pursuing this until April of 2019. Donations currently are directed to "paypal@veteransguitarproject.org".

(c) 2018 Veteran's Guitar Project/Maslow's Basement/Dustin Decker