The Veterans Guitar Project

The Veterans Guitar Project is dedicated to supporting every man and woman who took the oath for our country. We are determined to make a difference in the lives of homeless Veterans, a task accomplished by the community for the community. Our specific mission is to provide a guitar, lessons, and resources to post-trauma Veterans in need of an expressive outlet.

As noted in studies such as the July 2015 paper, Music and Trauma: The Relationship Between Music, Personality, and Coping Style by Sandra Garrido, Felicity Baker, Jane Davidson, Grace Moore and Steve Wasserman, "Music therapy researchers argue that the benefits of musical activities include: Mood improvement, self expression, catharsis, facilitating grieving, relaxation, reflection, socialization, community building, stress reduction, and more. As with compositional forms of music therapy, those involved in writing groups have reported that the process of writing about their trauma allows them to regain their agency, to tell their own stories. Reading and memorization of texts can similarly allow one to express oneself and to relive and reflect on memories and experiences."

With humble beginnings in Kansas City, Missouri, we'll be partnering with the Veterans Community Project to offer recently housed veterans access to a free guitar, bi-weekly or monthly lessons, songwriting sessions, opportunities to record and produce music tracks, and opportunities to perform their art before supportive, live audiences.

One Dollar a Day...

Is all it takes to give a homeless veteran a guitar and lessons.

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